Hello everyone new here!

Hi ladies,
I just came across this board by accident but glad I did.

I just received a new sewing machine last week and learning day by day new things. I will probably have a ton of questions as i am trying to make a belted medical pouch for my daughter. I have purchased a bunch online over the past few years and many different ways i see they are made, some better than others. Also expensive to buy them. I would like to make my own so i figured this would be the perfect opportunity to buy the sewing machine. Anyway I have been doing great on the sewing machine part of the project but not great on how to unlock the puzzle piece to get this pouch together. I went to youtube and learned to do a zippered lined bag which went better than expected. Trying to do a velcro closure also where the seems arent showing. Is it possible to send a picture later on so maybe someone can help me as this has been causing me great frustration. I know once i have it down as to the pattern and order of things i have to sew on first I can definintely do a great job on it. It would be greatly appreciated.

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