Sewing Class!woohoo! :)

I'm so happy!Starting in October I'm going to take a sewing class!
My friends mother is going to be the "teacher".At last I'm going to learn how to sew on a sewing machine! Happy Its so awesome,a bunch of sewing machines in a room with a bunch of people and a teacher!Imagine the noise...ratatatata... Happy
The class lasts for 2 and a half months,every weekend four and a half hours of sewing!Plus its really cheap,so I can afford it even now... Happy
We will first learn how to use the sewing machine and then everyone brings his own fabric of choice and the hole group will decide what we will sew.Im thinking BAGS! Happy

Its not so great that its in the next city,so I will have to travel an hour every weekend)and pay for the bus),but if I could survive 4 years of school traveling to that city I can manage one day in a week. Happy

My only problem is that I dont have a sewing machine at home,so it will be sad when the 2 months pass and I have to return to my machineless life. Happy And Im afraid that by the time I get a machine,Ill forget the stuff I learn.But maybe this will inspire my parents to get a sewing mom sewed fabulous clothes before her sewing machine died. Happy

Anyway,I just wanted to share my happiness with my crafty friends!YAY! Happy

Oh,and will it be hard to learn?

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Congrats! No, it won't be hard when you're that motivated to start with. Good luck Happy

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Aw yay! I'm excited for you violetta!! I find it a good way of de-stressing. I was extremely lucky to grow up with my mum's sewing machine near by and handy so always wandered off to my room with it. Then that one went pop so I got my own.

It's a bit like not driving in a while. You think you're going to forget it all but when you're back behind the wheel if all comes flowing back. Obviously you'll be a little unpracticed so it won't be perfect but you'll get there!

As for learning, it's not hard at all. Especially if you have 4+ hours a day, they will make you do it over and over to get it in your head which will be great!

Remember, enjoy every bit of it! Even if the sewing machine eats your fabric *grr* Happy

Oh and maybe you could put a little bit of money aside each week and save up for a sewing machine? It might take a while to get one but you'll love it when you do get one!

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Thanks girls!
yeah,I was thinking of saving up for one,but its hard considering I dont have a job right now.But I think Im going to get one together with my mom,since she loved to sew,so Im hoping we could team up. Happy
I know I will buy one when I get my first chance. Happy

Im sure Ill get frustrated a few times,since I dont think we will be allowed to smoke during sewing. Happy Im much more concentrated and calm when Im allowed to smoke while crafting. Happy

I wanted to learn for ages,and finally I have a chance,so Im sure Ill enjoy it!And I cant wait to go buy some awesome fabric! Happy

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Vi ,if you gave up the smokes you'd be able to afford a machine in no time!
Sewing on a machine is just practice,practice,practice.The more you do the more you can explore.
Have fun !

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congratulations, you will have a wonderful time.Try to find a used
sewing machine.The are sometimes older but better and not cost as much.
I love sewing either by hand or machine..Have fun..

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