completley new to a sewing machine

Hi Everyone Happy

I will admit this is embarrasing. I just received a brand new sewing machine for free... YAY! this is awesome because i've always wanted to sew... but the problem is ... I know nothing about sewing.

I've read the book that comes with the machine and that's fantastic, but where do i go from there? I have an idea of what i want to start out with... basic stuff like mini skirts etc.

But is there any websites you know of that cater to sewing at a basic level? (think of a source that you would use to teach a five year old)

Thanks so much


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The best thing I can tell you is to get a pattern. Read every single piece of writing on the entire envelope and instructions and pattern pieces. It's tedious, but knowing what you're getting into before you start cutting your fabric makes things run a bit smoother. Then buy cheap fabric and just go to it. You can read detailed instructions online like how to press a hem or what type of stitch to use...clipping corners and curves and such.

Basically, trial and error is a pretty good way to learn. Or at least it was for me. The more patterns I attempted, the better I understood what the directions were trying to tell me. ;)

Good luck, and don't give up!

This site will be immensely valuable to you! Allcrafts has sewing patterns (or links to them) and all other types of resources to help get you started.

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Thank YOU so much Dessah for your reply, I'm feeling a little less anxious now Happy

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