die cutting machine

I am looking at maybe getting a die cutting machine. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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Well, about 2 years ago or so, I bought the Sizzix eClips. That's really good - although it's quite expensive I think
(or at least, it was expensive when I got it!)
You can get lots of different cartridges with different patterns/designs on them, and it programs the machine to cut out different things ^^


Hope this helps! x

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There are quite a few out there. Sizzix big shot, grand calibur are 2 of them. Look on ebay, gumtree,craft superstore, Hobby Craft or create and craft for some ideas.Create and craft sometimes have some good offers and also let you pay in installments. If you google it that will also give you loads of info. They are still quite expensive. They start at about £80 or there abouts.
Ebay Grand Calibur
Ebay Sizzix Big Shot
These 2 machines emboss as well as die cutting.
Good Luck
Jacqui x

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I don't have a die cutting machine per se, but I have a sizzix texture boutique which, if you get the right "sandwich " (which you'll be hearing all about on die cutting tuts on YouTube) will run most "wafer-thin" dies. This basically includes everything not in a block. I have since made my own magnetic platform for it as well so my dies don't wander around in the cutting process.

It embosses with embossing folders as well.

I believe it's close to the cheapest machine on the market, retailing for around 30$, but most craft stores will let you use a 40% off coupon or put it on sale. For the price it's a very sturdy and get the job done type machine.

I would highly recommend it for a beginner to get the hang of things and not have to make a huge investment. Its basically a smaller version of the big shot/ big kick Jacqui linked to above.

Personally I think the 300$ digital die cutters are a waste of money when I have an xacto knife/utility knife that can cut the same thing. But I know the people who love them, love them A LOT!

If you try the TB, let me know and I'll help you out with what I know. Is been slow going since I don't have a lot of cash for dies but I'll help you however I can!

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