Best Paper For Marriage Certificate

So ladies, I am unable to find a gothic style, or Halloween keepsake Wedding Certificate anywhere, and the ones that I do find, are not what I am looking for.

So I have decided I shall make one myself. That way, I can incorporate all of the elements of our wedding into our certificate and it be special. Nothing in our wedding was like anyone else's. We made everything custom. So the certificate should be as well.

Which leads me to the question, of what paper would be the best for giving an antique look, and be thick, but not too thick for my printer?

I think I will stamp the designs on to it, but print the wording.

We are coming up on our 2 year anniversary on Halloween, and we still have yet to have a beautiful certificate on the wall......the county we got our license from, has the most ugly thing is our license on the top in small format, and then the lower half is our wedding certificate. Plus, it is in like this weird green.

Anyways! any help? thanks!

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I love your idea! How amazing! (:

I'd suggest making your own paper? Use different shades of orange, red, grey or purple to resemble the gothic themes in addition to halloween themes? (: There are plenty of tutorials on here to show you how to make your own paper. (:

Or use coloured cartridge paper? (:

Another idea could be to go to a craft shop and buy some special card with patterns on it. I got one of these large 12 x 12inch books of 36 papers. It's called 'Deigner Papers' by K&Company. They have pretty papers that you could use as borders - just cut out some fancy lacey border and place it ontop of the paper that you choose to use for your certificate to give it a pretty/gothic effect. (: (I'd try Hobbycraft, as I got mine from there).

Anyway! I really hope you have fun making your certificate! (: Good luck, and let me know if you want anymore help! (:

Hope this helped in any way. S:

Tibbs <3

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