Hiya! I once received a wax seal as a present and stumbled upon some more in a shop recently and fell in love again with the idea of learning calligraphy, so I was just wondering whether any of you had any tips for starting out with calligraphy? The best tools, paper and places to buy supplies (I'm in Australia btw) thanks heaps!happy crafting!

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For learning its best if you buy a cheap set of calligraphy markers from a craft store. They have squared tips, or fine tips. And when your just learning it doesnt matter what paper you use Happy you can just buy a cheap note book that has lines on the paper. I have found the best way to learn is by getting some books on calligraphy. They usually have lots of different fonts and styles in them you can practice copying. The library is a great place to find books! Thats where I have found most I like.

Also a few I have bought that are really good and not to expensive are
-The Complete Calligrapher, A comprehensive guide from basic techniques to inspirational alphabets
By Emma Callery
-Mastering the Art of Calligraphy
By Janet Mehigan
-The Practical Guide to Calligraphy
By Rosemary Sassoon
-The Speedball Textbook
By Joanne Fink & Judy Kastin
-Calligraphy & Lettering Design
By Arthur Newhall

I love doing calligraphy! But I think my fav style is brush and watercolors <3

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Look up some calligraphy videos on YouTube.
As a trained typographer and calligrapher, I can tell you that it helps to have a steady hand going into it. Also, taking your time when you're new to it will lead to better results.

Regular lined paper is fine if its rules fit the miniscule or majuscule that you're using (depends on the size of the nib). Otherwise, getting a ruler and some vegetable parchment will help you size your letters properly according to the size of the nib.

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I found it was good to practice with highlighters. They have the same tip as the felt caligraphy pens and are much cheaper.

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I learned by a book too but I used a real ink quill and had to learn to mend my own pen and do all that stuff. It's very messy doing it that way and if I am doing a big project I way prefer just using the marker pens for calligraphy instead.

However as a historian I have to admit- most people didn't write in calligraphy except perhaps monks in the middle ages who used it to write books. For letter writing a neat cursive is better and when used with a calligraphy pen looks amazing.

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