Paper Mache Book - How to decorate??

I had one of these for christmas - its sooooo cool!! But Im not entirely sure how to decorate it...any design ideas??

Its made from paper mache if that helps - and I had some poster paints with it =)


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You can use other materials to create a 3D effect. Natural string, beads, copper wire, small washed twigs to name a few.

First work out a design on a seperate piece of paper.

Make a base on the book using strips of paper mache or a whole piece if you want it flat.

It's best if you build up the corners and make the centre slightly lower.

Remember that thicker layers will take longer to dry. Best to build them up slowly to give them chance to dry thoroughly.

When you get to painting, paint the lighter colours first. That way you won't go over edges with dark paint where it should be light.

As for the design....have a look at art poster sites. This one is a favourite of mine :-

Jet has put a really good paper mache recipe if you need one. Here's the link :-

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If you plan on sticking anything to it, use thin coats of Mod Podge or any kind of archival book paste. Yes! Paste when used properly makes for a good result.

If you want to cover it in fabric, spray adhesives will probably work the best, and you can iron fabrics flat as long as you're careful.

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