Loom knitting

Hi Happy I'm a new loom knitter. And I was wondering if yall knew where I could find different loom weave patterns? I've made a scarf or two so far but I'd like to try different styles of weave for different looks. I've tried googling it but no luck Happy any information would be greatly appreciated!! Happy

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The following link explains and shows videos for various stitches. It included the knit, e-wrap, purl and some others. Youtube also has tons of videos and projects.


Here's a link for fingerless gloves that's super easy.




Just doing a combination of knit and purl gives a different look. I always use the knit stitch rather than the e-wrap. I only e-wrap to cast on.

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I have a New Loom Knitting blog. Just started 12/14. I haven't put up scarfs but its specifically for beginners. You can sign up for my feed. Take a look at a couple of videos while you're there. I don't like patterns so I have put any up yet. I learn best with video.


I would love your opinion as a new loom knitter. If you could let me know if the projects seem easy or not. Thanks so much

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