Handmade silver rings

I'm in the process of making a ring out of a pure silver quarter for the boyfriend of valentines day.

Has anyone else tried this and maybe has some advice on the matter, I've go a pretty large array of tools at my disposal, well after my dad gets home anyway. lol.

I've been searching through the site, but I'm hoping someone else has done it and just never posted it. If it turns out well I'll do it again and make a how-to for it since I haven't seen anything like it yet. Also I'm totally pining for a featured project, I'm just looking for a little help on the matter, I've looked at tons of tutorials on instructables but I haven't been able to get it to work that well for me. Doesn't help that I'll be going from quarter sized to a size 12 ring. I know it's possible but I'm frustrated.

Thanks in advance!!!

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