R U A Resin jewlery Expert? Help Me PLEASE

I bought a resin kit with everything i could possibly need to start making resin rings and bracelets etc. But I have no idea how to do it the right way. I've watched hours of videos and done tons of research but I still can't figure it out and honestly I do not have the time or patience or money to do what I wanted to do. And what i want to do is Sell resin rings so this is what I'm getting at. If you know how to do the whole silicon molding thing to have a mold so you can make the same shape a million times and you know how to cast resin and add color etc. I have a business proposition for you. So what i would like to do is.

1. I send you the different rings and bangles etc i would like you to make copies of with silicon mold

2. You make how every many copies I need and whatever colors I need.

3. We set up a payment arrangement

4. Ta DA we are business partners.

I have a ton of customers who would already like to buy the jewelry I have advertised I just do not know how to do it right. My resin was a mess. and i do not want to waste my investment just trying to do it right.
I would like to give my customers quality jewelry. So if you have some extra time on your hands and would like to make a little extra cash Email me or call/text me 706.616.873four. My name is Rebecca. Leave a message if I can't answer. It may not be a ton of money at first but I have a good feeling about this and hopefully I can make you and i a lot of money.

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