Rainbow chocolate cupcakes

Tomorrow is my friend's birthday and I want to make her some chocolate rainbow cupcakes, but I don't know how D: I don't know how to the use the food coloring to dye the chocolate batter :I How can I do it?
Also, how many should I make?
What container should I use? I was thinking to just use disposible plates with foil over it.
Where should I keep them until lunch? I get to school around 6:30amish and lunch starts at 12:13pm and its really hot where I live right now so I'm not sure if keeping them in my locker would be a good idea...
Or should I just make rainbow chocolate chip cookies?

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I don't know how on earth of dye the chocolate batter a different colour, but maybe try this: Take white/vanilla, and dye that and then make your layers of the rainbow colours.
Then take the chocolate batter, put it in a plastic bag and cut the tip of the bag off (so it's sort of like those fancy little frosting dispensers, ya know?) and then put it in the rainbow vanilla/rainbow batter and squeeze it in the middle Tongue So, you'll have rainbow on the outside and chocolate on the inside.

When I make cupcakes for my friends birthday, I made one huge one (I use a muffin pan).
Only because I hate how people become these vultures and are suddenly my BFF because I have food and then try to attack me for it and make me feel bad XD
But really, make sure you have the amount you wanna give to your friend if you wanna make more then one, and then you can give the extras out to other people lol

Um...Really...I'm not really sure lol
Do you have any sort of plastic containers you can keep them in and carry them with you?
(We don't have lockers at my school, so everyone just carries birthday treats around with them :o).
If you're going to use frosting, keep that in mind when it comes to storage.

Either one sounds like pure yummyness Tongue
I love to bake, so both of them are fun for me, but do whatever's more fun and eaiser for you to make.

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Alright, I'll try that Happy Why does frosting melt? O_O I think I could fit them in some kind of container...I know what you mean about the vultures which is why I don't want to carry it around. I'm thinking about leaving it in teacher's room or something;They have air conditioning 8D. I think they would both be hard since I've never baked before.

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Lemme know how it all turns out! Happy

I don't know if this was just a one time freak accident with me but one time my frosting got all fost and like....foamy and gross XD And it was a hot day.

Your teachers cool if they let you leave it in there XD
My teachers think if there's food in their room for even a second, the roaches will appear and overtake their whole room lol

Oh, it's a lot of fun! Happy

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That'd be amazing! But since dying batter is impossible, and if you don't want to fool with frosting, maybe next time you could try this: FUNFETTI! Funfetti cake is a white cake with rainbow sprinkles in it! It looks like a rainbow and is so yummy! You could make the cake batter and just put it in a cupcake tin instead and maybe modify the time a smidge. Then chocolate frosting+rainbow sprinkles on top= super rainbow cupcake! Happy

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