How to Support a Thesis Statement with Evidence

After you are done writing a working thesis statement, now comes the step to create evidence in light to support your thesis.
Refresher, evidence is any information in the form of examples, facts, figures, quotes, or opinions from subject matter experts which has the power to convince your audience that your thesis is correct and reliable.
The evidence is developed into well-structured body paragraphs that constitute the majority of your essay content.
Catering the evidence with your writing situation
Your writing situation, as we know is the purpose, audience, viewpoint and genre decides which type of evidence is most appropriate for your topic and content. Consider you are writing a paper where your purpose is to persuade your audience.
You will include examples of different situations, cite stats to uphold your claims, use comparisons and analogies to explain benefits and pitfalls, and quotations from industry experts to make your argument sound more convincing.
In the other hand, if your audience is unaware with your topic, you approach will more cautious and not direct. You will include terminologies and their definitions, a historical background or the origin of the topic, explain the core process and functionalities along with some factual or other details.
Choosing the best evidence
Often in the process of collecting evidences for their thesis, students gather more than they actually require. Obviously, the student needs to ascertain the evidence supports the thesis, and best suits his/her goal audience needs.
As we know, our learning style influences how and the type of evidence we shall collect. If you are an abstract-based learner, you will prefer inquiring a larger topic rather than focusing on little details. On the other hand, a more pragmatic student will focus more on the details without caring much about sorting and organizing them.
This should help you select the right type of evidence that will support your thesis and its credibility.
1. The evidence should be relevant. All the evidence you have shortlisted should easily support your thesis. Remember, irrelevant evidence distracts the audience and might even steer them off course from your topic. For example, if your topic is to focus around the treatments from magneto therapy, you don’t need to talk about other alternate therapies for reliving pain.
2. Include specific evidence. Never make the mistake of using generalized pointers as they aren’t powerful enough to convince your readers. Taking the above example again, you need to cite statistics of how much percentage increase in magneto therapy practitioners worldwide is there over the last few years. Now a data as this concrete will convince your audience magneto therapy is one of the best pain relieving treatments out there.
3. Provide a plethora of evidence. Using various kinds of evidence in your paper indicates that there is not one, but many sources that claim the viability and authenticity of your topic and arguments. For example Cheap Essay 247 , if you state that four random patients have admitted magneto therapy relieves them of pain, it would hold much ground as compared to the statements of various subject matter experts. The likelihood of your audience comprehending your argument as convincing will increase. Using various evidences also shows that the writer is well-acquainted with the topic and minute details.

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