Reasons Why Your Website Look Unprofessional

When you start your business, you always think to save the money, and for that, you even think to design and develop the website of your own.Every startup company do this but after you make your company- a well-established company you will hire web design company in uae for your website because you know that you cannot make a web design professionally by your own.just suppose you are a customer, so you always go for trusted company who had done more than 50+ projects.You as a customer first check the website of the company you are hiring. A site is the portfolio of any company; if the website is attractive, there is a chance that you will engage them.Following are the mistakes, web designers do, and due to these mistakes, a website looks unprofessional.

Selection of bad template:

Mostly a startup companies use web templates, it saves time to use the template, but dont choose the template on your own. Hire a web designer they will select for you according to their designing sense and experience, and a designer can adjust the template in professional ways. Otherwise, you will destroy it.

Black Background:

Your background colour is the essential part of the website because it covers the whole site and that should not be dull.A black background looks good with some shades, but it will not look good always.dont take the risk of black colour on your website.Instead of the black background, go for grey or light grey background.

Typography problem:

After the colour combination, fonts are the most critical element on a website.Dull font destroy your site within a second.Your font should not be small, and font of heading and text should be different.

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These are some tips for a beginner who just start his/her career in this field many beginners do this mistake several times the same problem I did on my this blog when I was beginners but after when sometime when I was improved my skills I fixed this bugs from my blog.

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