My first time with baking clay :D

I was going to buy Fimo, since thats what everyone here seems to use, but there was stuff right next to it, half the price, called "premo" so I bought that. Cheap knock off brands work well for me, so I went with it.

Right now, I'm baking it at 275, and I'm making little fruits [Orange, Lime, Lemon, Cherry, Apple, Pumpkin] to make a charm bracelet


I'm so excited.

I'm going to post it as a creation when they get done [which should be in 15 minutes]


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oh wow I cant wait to see how they come out! Woot!

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YAY! ALL DONE, all edited, all put together.

I had some rought patches with baking it, since i THOUGHT it said "15 minutes for every 6mm" so I did 20 minutes because it was a little larger

then I took them out, they were squishy, so I read it and it was actually 30 minutes.

So I put them back in for another 20, checked them, another 10, check them.

They arn't ROCK HARD, but they are hard enough to wear I actually have to TRY to make an indent in them with my nail.

and the pumpkn stem fell off because I forgot to moosh it securely

and the only glue I had was sparkly glue, so yea. but now its strong.

and its good

and I'm very proud.

First time making REAL professional looking jewelry

I'm hooked [haha, get the pun, lol. I'm lame Happy ]

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