Printing t-shirts in bulk?

Hi everyone,
A group of friends and I want to make t-shirts for a Young Enterprise project, we would like to be able to print them ourselves so that we don't have to worry abut the extra cost of having them done professionally, does anyone have any ways of printing onto t-shirts that can be done quickly and easily (and ideally with little room for mistakes)?.
I don't think that we would want to print off our designs and then iron them on, because of the annoying shiny border it gives - and the fact that the design can sometimes be peeled off. I also thought about freezer paper, but that probably wouldn't be good to use because we would have to cut out a new stencil for each t-shirt (unless anyone knows if freezer paper is re useable?
Thank you!

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Screen printing has the capability to create the same image over and over, but a really good setup will cost you at least 150 to 200 dollars. Beginner kits are available from Speedball but you will need special lighting.

There are cheap DIY alternatives but the quality might not be as nice as silkscreening. There's a tutorial on here I think for making screens from nylon tights and embroidery hoops.

Butcher paper stencils can only be used once, maybe twice if you are careful with the iron. You could make a stencil from contact paper but you will need a fresh blade to cut it. Those can be reused since no heat is needed, but they can be really finnicky.

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Here is a screen printing tutorial, you use an embroidery hoop, sheer fabric, and glue; and you can reuse it over and over again:
This is another tutorial using the same method:

Otherwise, you could print out the image and trace it on heavy card stock, then use an exacto knife to cut out... then you can use fabric paint with the stencil you just made and paint the design on.
Or Just search "how to screen print/ how to silk screen" and there will be lots of tutorials online.

Good luck!

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