Birthday present + DIY hiding place?

Hey guys!
My friend's birthday will be very soon and she has no idea what she wants. (She does, she wants money but we never give eachother money :p)
She's a very RANDOM girl, has ADD, loves industrial metal (Mindless Self Indulgence, Porcelain and the Tramps etc.(If you listen to clarissa from MSI, you'll know what shes like :p)) And she loves colours and moustaches, those random things.
Problem is, I don't know a good birthday present for her. I have one idea but I'm kind of struggling with it.
She often complains about not having privacy and her mother going through her stuff, so I thought I could as well make some sort of hiding place which her mother WOULDN'T even THINK of looking. I was thinking 'bout a moustache pillow, but you can feel it when something's inside.. Anyone got any suggestions? Or on how to improve the moustache pillow so much that you won't feel any objects inside? :p

(I'm so sorry for my grammar and vocab... I'm tired and Dutch so my English is double bad)

Hope anyone wants to help me Happy

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