Regifting Exchange - What to make?!

Four times a year my girlfriends and I do a secret gift exchange. This time we decided to do a 'regifting' exchange, where we can only use things in our house OR we can only trade things in our house for other things - no buying allowed!

The person I drew is a funky cool new mum slash model, so I thought I'd make so far:

Lolly & Watermelon-Shaped Melt-&-Pour Soaps
Rose-Scented Sugar Scrub with Black & Pink Bejewelled Lid and black ribbon
"Lush Buffy Bar" replica
Lavender Cold Pressed Soap

... what else? I want to make something hip and fun and cool that reflects her style and that she can enjoy from the exchange. I must have everything in my house, so I can't go out and buy things. I have paper and stamps and a kitchen full of knick knacks. I don't want to be too "farm-y" which is what I'm afraid I might end up doing.

And something for the new baby? Hm.

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some kind of baby blanket/mobile/keepsake for the baby?

how about a pearly keyring or charm bracelet for your friend, if you do jewellery making?

those soaps and scrubs sound amazing!

what about bath bombs to go with them? theres tons of recipes on the site for them Happy

a purse? a change one with a little zipper or a boxy make-up bag? i've favourited some things like that, so if you want to trawl through my hundreds of favourite projects for those you could, or just search for them?


replace the buttons on a cardi for some funky different ones to make it unique? i love doing that!

glass painted tealight holders? or a resealable jar glasspainted, with some bath salts in it? (epsom salts with a colourant and a few drops of scented oil)

i will post again if i have any more ideas, would love to see what you do! xx

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How about a happy moments book-small handmade book for all those funny moments- loads of how to's here for those

Simple play quilt-we still have my son's after 16 years and it comes out for little quests to play with or lay on.

Nice swap ideas

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how about the fork bracelet on here. It's in your house so keeps to the rules Happy

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