Adapting stretchy-strappy tops


Completely new to this forum bit on the website so hopefully someone will find this and give me some info.

A while ago I bought 3 strappy, stretchy tops from Primark - didn't try them on in the shop (as the queues in Primark are aweful! and didn't have a spare day to bring it back) and they are far to small/tight for me. So anyway now instead of just bin them/charity shop them..

I was wondering if its possible to adapt them in some way to either make them larger or make them into something else.

Any ideas? Easy guides, patterns?



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You could unpick the side seams and add panels (either use fabric you have lying around or cut up 1 to make panels for the other 2 - afterall, 2 wearable tops are better than 3 nonwearable!)

Also, anything that involves cutting away areas of the sides and/or back will give you more room. Search for tops in the projects, you can also refine your search by clicking on "cut up".
Here's a couple to get you started:

or turn them into something else:

Hope some of these ideas might inspire you!!

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