Circle Skirt from an old sheet -- Need Directions

I LOVE the yellow circle skirt that is all over pinterest, but the directions link is down Happy I've been trying to find directions, but can't find anything about how to do the waist to get that great bow in back.

Does anyone have them?


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don´t have the instructions, but i know the picture from pinterest too.
i can think of three ways to make it at the moment though i don´t know how the original exactly looks (especially in front)
you can make a circle skirt with two side seams and add straps for the bow in the side seams.
or you make a normal circle skirt without any seams and some kind of yoke and include straps in the side seams of the yoke.
or just sew a long strap to the upper edge of the skirt and leave a gap at the back for tying.

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