Shorts from T-shirts

Let me start by saying that I'm an "older" woman (with a daughter in college) so maybe this isn't a problem for others, but I made my first pair of shorts from one of my husband's old t-shirts.

BTW, I'm thrilled to find this place. I've sewn all my life and so excited to "let myself go" and just create something without worrying about seam allowances and hemming and the other rules.

Anyway, I used the sleeve "holes" for the crotch seam like in the tutorials, but discovered when I put them on that they didn't fit quite right. The first pair will be fine for exercise and as a first attempt, but did anyone else find they should have cut the back crotch seam area a little deeper?

I am going to try again later, but just wondered if I'm the only one who saw, or felt!, this little problem.



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