Mates Cake ideas?

Well, its my bbf's birthday on the 29th and my other BBFs is on 30th and I'd to make them cakes. The ones birthday on the 30th is sorted, red vevlet cupcakes I think. But the other mate....
I LOVED the domo cake but she doesnt know who he is so I cam up with following(unbrillopads) ideas
Gloomy Bear( she thinks they are weird)
Hello Kitty( i dont ewannna fork out for a tin i'll use once.)
Spongebob (have no ] cake tn)
black cat

Any ideas on flavours/designs? I'llo be posting both cakes as a project anyway, and the best contribuator will be featured in the notes etc

flavours ideas
red velvet

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If you are making red velvet cake for one friend, you might not want to do the same for the other...

Is there anything in particular she likes?

There are various SpongeBob cakes here, they all look slightly different, and I think they have basic How-To's:

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