Hair Dye-ing

So I have been wanting to get a strip of color in my hair for quite some time now, but never got to it. My aunt has offered to take me as present, but I'm unsure now.

I wanted to get a blue to purple gradient strip, but after looking at pictures they all look more blue-green and don't transition nicely. Plus I'm sorta liking the more purpley ones that are dark purple to lighter purple which is sorta what I initially envisioned.

My hair is brown and on the more dark side, so I would have to bleach it.

I was wondering if you have to wash it before (or after) you bleach it or get it dyed because when I get my hair cut I don't let them wash it because it's hard for me to part my hair the way I like it.

I'm super un-adventurous and never leave my comfort zone. I have never had my hair dyed or even really cut in a different way.

Someone suggested if I really hate it I could dye it back to its original color, but how long in between do you have to wait before re-dying it?

I wouldn't know how to tell them what color I wanted either.

Do they use a certain brand? Should I get permanent or semi-permanent? If I did want to dye over it would one be easier to dye over than another?

I have so many questions and doubts. It would be right before a party because it is a present for going on to the next grade. Tongue so everyone would see how horrible I look if it's too soon to dye over. I'm so afraid of hating it, but I'll feel a little better if I know that I can dye over it.

Sorry for the ramble, but she wants a answer soon so that she knows if we are going or if she has to just buy me a present. Any answers would be greatly appreciated or any advice. Thanks for reading. Happy

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Also, I live in the United States.
I wash my hair every other day. Sunday, tuesday, thursday, and saturday. Repeat.
I don't use conditioner or any "products". Except sometimes dry foam shampoo on the no wash/ in between days.
I do straighten it from time to time.
I switch bettwen shampoos. I sometimes use mine then my mom's or maybe my brother's or one thats just there.

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See how it's more blue/green? Is this intentional or is it the only way to get it?

This is the more purple one which I was tending to lean towards, but I don't know if it will look just as cute in a strip rather than a full head. Or if I can still achieve this look in just a strip.

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You do have to wash your hair after bleaching, and typically wait 1-3 days after bleaching to add a bright color. Not washing out the bleach will damage your hair, and leaving any bleach particles in will break down the colored hair dye before it can really absorb into your hair.
Washing hair with shampoo only is the best thing to do before getting hair dyed or bleached because it lets your hair's pH sit at a natural level to better accept dyes. Not washing your hair before it's dyed will make less of the dye adhere to your hair.

Doing just one strip of hair might make the rest of your hair overpower it, but you won't know until you try it.

If you don't want to risk doing something you might not like, try some clip-in hair extensions. They can be colored with sharpies if you want to turn a solid color extension into a gradient. Hot Topic usually has them from what I hear.

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if i were you i would definetley try the clip ins first and if you like it go get you hair dyed

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Try temporary hair chalking first. This way you can play with color combinations and test it out before you commit. You can buy the chalk kit at Michaels for $5. It's simple and washes out.

Here's a great video to help you.

Good luck.....

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Everyone has told me to get clips ins, but I just don't like them. I never wear any type of clips or barettes really.
I have also tried hair chalking, but it doesn't show in my hair. I tried soft pastels and regular chalk.

Oh and it's nice to know about the shampoo thing, but I thought you bleach it and get the color done right after eachother in the same appointment.

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<purple again>

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i've never gone to a salon to dye my hair, but from my own experience--

I don't wash my hair ~2 days prior to bleaching. (I heard) it's better to have natural hair oils on your hair whenever dying/bleaching, that way the bleach isn't too harsh on your hair

YES you must wash your hair after bleach and again after dying your hair! if you don't you'll go BALD
or something like that! generally the rule of thumb is 1 hour max of bleach or you'll risk baldness .. something like that

if you care that much about how your hair is parted, tell them you wanna do it yourself

you can dye your hair back to your original colour .. if you can find the right shade.
dye it whenever you want, (if you care about your hair condition), wait 1~2 weeks. if not (or you'll condition well), you can do it immediately, although it's a waste of money and you should prolly leave it in a few days to see if it grows on you

as for the colour, bring in a picture. print it out, save it to your iphone, etc. I've never understood WHY people insist on wondering how they describe something when printing and directly showing it to the dresser leaves no need to explain

different salons probably use their own preferred brand, funky colours will always be semi permanent.

buy some conditioner
after bleaching, you'll need it

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My advice would be to try clip-ins too, if you're that worried about getting your hair dyed its a smart option. At least then you can see if you like it or not before committing.

One thing I DEFINITELY recommend is not washing your hair before your appointment. By washing it you will strip the hair of its natural oils which protect the scalp. Bleaching freshly-washed hair leads to a burning, blistered scalp (been there done that, it hurts). Washing your hair 24 hours beforehand is acceptable.

The reason hairdressers put the bleach and colour in during the same appointment is that they use a clarifying shampoo, which stops the bleach from working, and therefore messing up your pretty colours. If you do it at home it is wise to leave it a few days.

The reason the blue looks green is because it's actually a turquoise colour. Tell them you want blue, look at their hair swatches etc.

And make sure you go to a reputable salon. Find a hairdresser that you're comfortable with, who will be helpful and answer your questions.

Last thing, don't be scared! This is a treat, let it be one. Good luck!

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