Hair dye beginner

I really want to start dying my hair. I have no idea where to start, what product to use, how to look after dyed hair or anything. EEk. Any advice? My hairs dark so will all colours work? how do i choose what color?

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Are you planning on dying it yourself, or going to a shop to get it done? If you are getting it done somewhere, maybe you could try talking to your hairdresser about it. I talked to mine before I got it dyed, so I would know whether or not the color would show on my hair. I just chose a color I wanted and my hairdresser (also my aunt) did it in her shop. Good luck!

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If your hair is dark, lighter colours will have a harder time taking to it (if it does at all).

I dye my hair myself (it's much cheaper), though the first time was HORRIBLE!!
If you're using box-dye, HAVE SOMEONE SPOT CHECK FOR YOU! lol
I didn't have this the first 2 times I did it.
So, here's the story: Got the dye, when home and did it.
Missed sooooooo many areas under my hair (basically I only got the top bits). Went out and got another box of dye.
Still missed some spots (I had no help with it lol), though now my hair had this weird, brassy colour to it (was going from blonde to a dark, warm brown). Got ONE MORE box of dye and had my sister in law help me.
In one weekend, I dyed my hair THREE TIMES!
My hair's back in wonderful shape now, but it was so dry lol
Have someone make sure you get everywhere.
If you can't, section off your hair.
Though I really suggest making someone check (give 'em a pair of gloves so that can move your hair around and make sure there are no dry spots).

When I'm dying my hair, I put a plastic shower cap over my hair and let it sit. It helps the dye set.

I also really suggest wearing clothes that you don't care if they get dirty or not.

When it comes to choosing dyes, that's really a personal preference kinda thing.
I use drug store dyes, and the only thing that can make or break a deal for me is if the people who make it tests on animals. Otherwise, if they have a colour I'm interested in, I'll go for it :p
Know that what the box shows isn't always going to be how it's going to be on your own hair. It can be a little lighter, a little darker.
With my last dye job, I got a brown dye, and my hair pretty much turned black. Wasn't a big deal at all for me, but just so ya know :p

I prefer to do some deep conditioning a day or two after I dye it if the dye I used wasn't ammonia free.

Also, I highly suggest putting vaseline around your hairline and your neck and on your ears, so that you don't get dye on your skin (it can take FOREVER to wash out lol).
And just put a towel around your shoulders so you don't get dye stains there as well.

If you're kinda iffy on a colour, I say get a semi-permanent dye and see how that works out Happy
(Usually it comes out after like, 28 washes, so it won't last too long.)

As for looking after...I honestly don't do anything special at all.
I know they have shampoos for colour treated hair, but I've never noticed any sort of difference in my hair when I use 'em.
Plus, it's like $7-$10 for a box of dye, so re-dying my hair isn't a huge deal for me.
I think it'd probably work better if it was like...a special dye job.
Like, unnatural colours, or white-blonde hair (I know someone who has to use a certain shampoo that's either purple or blue, I can't remember which colour, so that it doesn't get a weird, brassy colour).
I think that's just another think you'd have to play around with.

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Thanks so much!!
Yea i want to dye it myself, in my tiny as bathroom >< lol i really cant afford to get my hairdresser to do it and as i live in a smallish town the only hairdresser open 5 days a week is not that good.(everyone i know seems to know a hairdresser personally) im so scared now eeeeee.
also if i'm dying my whole head what about my eyebrows? do i dye them as well???
ill probably try something like unusual colors in my fringe first so if it geos wrong noone but me will know what it was supposed to look like. how easy is it to just do part?
Yea i think i will use a semi im not sure what colors i can get here though.
bleh cant wait to leave home!! okay this week ill have a look in the warehouse n the chemists n ill see what i can get. if there isnt anything good i probably will chicken out....
X.X Scary

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hey try the wash out, like it washed out in 30 days first

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herbal essence has a great one, I used that to dye my hair, its great. Hair is soft not stiff and it took almost 2 months to wash out.

don't do they eyebrows. because if you have light skin, you may end up dying the skin around it too

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Nah, I don't suggest dying your brows.
You can pencil them in a darker colour (or use eyeshadow Tongue That's what I usually do).
If you're going for an unusual colour in your fringe, you can take the eyeshadow and fill them that colour Tongue
As soon as my hair grows out and I can start wearing my neon coloured extentions again, that's what I'm gonna be doing lol

To just do part?
Like, a little section?
If your hair is dark, you're going to probably have to bleach the section you want the colour to take to. Otherwise, it's not going show up very well.

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DO NOT DO YOUR EYEBROWS!!!!!!!! if you leave it on to long, or have an allergic reaction you can go blind, trust me i went to school for cosmetology, if you ever want your eyebrows done, find a licensed professional willing to do it, otherwise stick to pencil and shadow to fill them in!

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