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I just would like to say hello an introduce myself. My name is Christina an i love the Fine arts. Ive been drawing with graphite pencils since i was n highschool off an on for 20 years now. I would like to hear from people on what areas i can improve on an any advice would b great.
Thank you an hope to hear from you all

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Hi Christina Happy

I do a little drawing as well although only really started about 6 or 7 years ago.

It is difficult to really say much about your drawing as the resolution of the picture is low. My main subject matter tends to be people and clothing / fashion rather than landscapes but (please excuse me being very honest in my opinions - they are only opinions and others may well disagree) I would have composed the picture somewhat differently. I find it difficult to determine what the primary focus of the picture is (ie is there an object that the eye is drawn to?). Maybe that was not your intention anyway.

To me the perspective seems strange at points too. In the foreground it looks like I am looking down onto the ground but further back looking forward. In some ways it seems I am looking at the surface of a sphere. Maybe this is because of the resolution and me not seeing the detail.

I have taken a look at your projects. It is good to vary things a bit. I go to lessons at night school, partly to get out and meet people, but also so that I am forced to draw things I would not normally draw and discuss techniques with others.

I look forward to more of your work

Take care

Tracy x

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