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This week, we're recreating the costume of our very own crafty superhero Crafterella to mark our 100th DIY The Look:

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's crafty superhero Crafterella saving the day with her cat-lady style and crafty skills!

42 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Savannah, GA 31401, United States • Visit Website »

We head to Savannah, Georgia to indulge with dessert and cocktails at Lulu's Chocolate Bar where we learn to make a Grand Marnier Buttercream Cake and B-52 Coffee Drink.

This week we're testing out a set of nail wraps from Jamberry Nails, giving our US readers a chance to win a set and teaching you how-to apply them. As well as offering over 300 designs to choose from, you can also make your own custom wraps via the Jamberry Nails website, so Cat volunteered herself as this week's Craft Test Sidekick, designed her own and shared her tips for applying them:


Cat's Notes:

The nail wraps were nice and simple to design using the website and the guides to get the print just right. The beauty of nail wraps is that you can have a really complicated design with the tiniest of details, which would be almost impossible with traditional nail varnish. I don't have a lot of experience will nail art, so I found the application a little tricky and it took a little longer a than I had expected - so I'd recommend applying them when you've got free time on your hands, rather than an hour before you have to leave for a party. The end result looked amazing and it was so much easier than attempting to paint a similar look.

Outfit Details

  • Woven top Mitla Moda
  • Straw Hat - Thrifted
  • Sandals -  Secondhand (Buffalo Exchange)
  • Necklace - Teal Annie 
  • Woven Bracelet Mitla Moda

DIY Dyed Top

Recreate the look with Dus's dyed top tutorial:

Check out Dyed Top on Cut Out + Keep

Cocktail Hour is a new feature to the blog where we'll be showcasing different liquors and bringing you three recipes to mix up a classic cocktail, a cocktail with a twist and a unique cocktail from our Craft Test Sidekicks.

For our first Cocktail Hour, we're experimenting with Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur to bring you some delicious new cocktails to mix up at home.

Macau, China • Visit Website »

Despite being a small city known for its casinos and high end luxury hotels, Macau – a special administrative region of China – has preserved its colonial Portuguese roots. As Asia’s Las Vegas, the eclectic mix of new and old architecture can either captivate you or make you feel quite dizzy. Food here is delicious, affordable and varied, and almost everything is walking distance. Otherwise you can take a taxi quite cheaply or use public transport.

We head to Athens, Georgia to tour the serene and organized craft room of papercrafter, Natty Michelle.

Photography by Kaitie Bryant Photography (http://kaitiebryant.com).

I love the natural light that streams through the big window on the far side of the room, which is highlighted by the walls that I recently painted white. Natural light in a craft room is a must!

Jenna from Lavender and Jelly Beans recreates the look of fashionista and Rookie magazine editor, Tavi Gevinson:

Influenced by teen pop-culture, the works of Comme Des Garçons and 90’s vibes, Tavi Gevinson’s style is distinctive -featuring pattern mixing and bold accessories- while remaining classical. Although her style is not especially colourful, she contrasts colours perfectly, using bright head pieces and carefully balanced layers to create an overall impact. The blogger turned magazine editor won me over with her witty character and unique outfits, but it is that same confidence needed to wear a giant head bow that made her the icon she is today

7 Upper St Martin’s Lane, London WC2H 9DL • Visit Website »

We head to the super trendy coffee shop, Timberyard in London this week to learn how-to make Cold Brew coffee and a Virtuous Chocolate Cake.

Aimee Ray has a head full of ideas and is always working on several creative projects at once. She loves drawing, painting and all kinds of crafts, and has written 4 books on hand embroidery (the Doodle Stitching series) the 4th of which comes out in September 2014. You can see more of her work at www.aimeeray.com and her etsy shop at www.littledear.etsy.com

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