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Beautiful Embroidered Accessories

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Our #BookOfTheWeek is Beautiful Embroidered Accessories by Lexi Mire Brantman. Meet Lexi, #embroider a Sprouting Coffee Plant Tote and #win the book from Melia.

Hi Cut Out and Keep folks! My name is Lexi Mire Brantman and I am an artist living in Jacksonville, Florida with my husband and two kitties. While my roots are in photography, my career in embroidery began thanks to Instagram. I started embroidering hats and other accessories for fun in 2017, and when my photos went viral on Instagram, hundreds of people wanted to order a hat! I stitched custom pieces for years, and when it became obvious that the demand was larger than I was able to keep up with, I started developing DIY tutorials, so my followers could create their own embroidered items. Many hats and projects later, I was given the opportunity to write a book to share how to stitch in my signature style. When I am not embroidering, I love experimenting with printmaking, painting and writing.

Host a Pom Pom Party for #DIYTheParty with Nicole from The Little Craft House.

Bring on all the colour! Nothing says fun like pom poms!

Toronto, ON, Canada • Visit Website »

Take a #CraftRoomTour at Sew Be It Studio and see Dilys sewing room, closet of books and scraps collection in Toronto.

I love the sky light. It gives me lots of sunlight. Who can really complain about extra vitamin D?

Outfit Details

  • Dresses - Vintage & Handmade
  • Tote Bags - DIY (See Below)
  • Shoes - Nasty Gal
Funny story, we didn't realize until this interview that we were wearing pieces from both of our mother's vintage wedding dresses! Crystal is wearing her mother's blue wedding dress and Aubrey's skirt was part of her mother's wedding dress. The Tarot Card Tote Bags were made by us, both outfits are vintage and handmade and both of our shoes are from Nasty Gal.

Love Witch Tarot Card Tote Bag

Make a Love Witch Tarot Card Tote Bag with #DIYFashionistas Aubrey & Crystal from Weekday Slumber Party Club.

Check out Love Witch Tarot Card Tote Bag on Cut Out + Keep

145 Harrison Street, Oak Park, IL, USA 60304 • Visit Website »

Make a Bead & Ring Wrap Bracelet and Caterpillar Bracelet in #ShopShowcase with Bead In Hand in Oak Park, Illinois.

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Stylish Succulents to Crochet

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Our #BookOfTheWeek is Stylish Succulents to Crochet by Sarah Abbondio. Meet Sarah, crochet a Crassula Umbellata and #win the book from Search Press.

I aa educated as an engineer in Industrial design in 2010. I am living in Denmark with my husband and two kids. I was selfemployed for 7 years. In this period of time, I wrote my 3 books. Today I am working as a project manager for a danish design brand.

Host an Indoor Plant Lover Party for #DIYTheParty with Nicole from The Little Craft House.

Theres nothing better than being surrounded in nature - so why not bring it inside and celebrate with Mother Nature!

Learn how-to bind an embroidery hoop for #TechniqueTuesday with Mollie Johanson from Wild Olive.

Outfit Details

  • Dress - DIY (see below)
  • Hair Accessories - Japan
The dress was thrifted, and I painted it to look like melting ice cream. My hair accessories are from Japan.

Melting Ice Cream Dress

Make a Melting Ice Cream Dress with #DIYFashionista Robin from Vegan Dollhouse.

Check out Melting Ice Cream Dress on Cut Out + Keep

Pinnasberg 60, 20359 Hamburg, Germany • Visit Website »

Mix an Ice Cold Blue Daiquiri, Shanghai Baby, Lemondori and a Luftikuss in #ABiteToEat with Christiansen's Fine Drinks & Cocktail in Hamburg.

(Photography by Christian Lohfink)

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