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Take a #BoudoirTour of Katie Alves loft bedroom in Port Perry.

I love how much storage I have. The shelves are very deep and I can also add more shelving if I need.

Tell us a bit about your make-up space?

My house is very small, it’s under 500sqft with 2 floors. So this doubles as my bedroom, office and makeup station.

What have you done to make your space cosy, beautiful or inspiring?

I’ve added a few fun touches, like my brush holder (which is actually a popcorn bucket) and my little figures and such.

What does your daily beauty routine involve?

I’ll start off by washing my face, applying some toner and then moisturizer. Then if I’m going to work, I’ll keep the makeup on the lighter side (for me) and just do a very light shimmery gold on the inner corner and a slightly sparkly black on the outer corner. Very rarely will I do my eyebrows or do any highlight. But if I’m going out with friends, I’ll go full fun!

How do you keep your makeup and tools organized?

I’ve got sections that I keep certain products that I’ve done pretty well with keeping them in that spot. Even if my makeup gets a little messy during my Halloween tutorial filming days, I still am able to put them in their own home. I’ve been thinking of adding more shelving to help organize it more but so far it’s been working pretty well.

Any tips & tricks for organising makeup?

Keep your most used products in the easiest, most accessible spots. I tried to keep my daily products in the sections with the rest of my products but I found it got too messy. So my every day items are all in their own spot so I’m not rummaging through everything to try to find it.

Which favourite products or tools do you own?

It’s funny but my favourite product lately has been scarring liquid. It doesn’t last very long. When you open it, you only have so many days before it becomes useless. But it’s so fun to play with! It really does create super realistic scars.

Where do you keep / how do you organise your inspiration and ideas?

I’ve got a Pinterest that I occasionally use and I have a list on my phone of makeup looks I’m hoping to create. I add to it through out the year and come halloween time, I hopefully have a rough idea of what I’m going to create for my Halloween tutorials.

Where do you look for inspiration when thinking up new looks?

Pinterest is very useful and sometimes I’ll just use google to look up makeup themes.

If you had three wishes, what would you do to make your room the dream makeup space?

In the future, I want a dedicated room for my makeup and filming. It’s so tricky filming in your bedroom. Sometimes I’ll just leave up my backdrop between filming and crawl under it to get to my bed. 1. Dedicated makeup room 2. Secret entrance through a bookcase??? Maybe?? 3. Giant hollywood style mirror with lights.

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