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Come behind the scenes at How To Make Art for a #CraftRoomTour and see Tessa's art studio in her dining room in Gainesville, Florida.

I love that this space opens out into the main house, so I’m not sequestered off in a separate room from my husband and dog. I can hang out with them and draw and paint on the dining room table at the same time – it’s the best of both worlds.

Create a cozy bedroom inspired by the Dutch word "knus" for #DIYTheRoom with C.J. M.

Great Britain has "cosy", Denmark has "hygge" and in Holland we have "knus". My idea of "knus" is a place that's inviting, with natural materials like wood and cotton fabric, comfy seats, warm quilts and lovely colours. A bit rustic and not too "perfect", with some whimsy here and there to make you smile. In short, all the things that make a house a home...

Come on a #KitchenTour of Decor Hint and see Karen's kitchen in the Pacific Northwest.

I love how open and bright it is! When we renovated it last year, one of our goals was to open up the space as much as we could. I also love our panoramic doors to our back patio. They fold completely open so the outdoors truly become an extension of our home!

We're trying out some Turkish Coffee from Selamlique in #TestKitchen and teaching you how-to brew the perfect Turkish Coffee, bake a Turkish Coffee Cake and mix a Turkish Espresso Martini.

CO+K members can also get 15% off any coffee or confectionery order from Turkish Coffee with the discount code ‘COFFEE’.

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Woven Art

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Our #BookOfTheWeek is Woven Art by Elena Vilar. We chat to Elena, give you a chance to win the book from Search Press and learn how-to make a Diagonal Cloud Weave.

I am the daughter and great-granddaughter of weavers. Influenced by my family's craft i decide to make a blog and a book to share my tips and tricks. Weaving is a big part of my life.

My name is Landry Garnier i'm 21 years old and I'm an self-thaught illustrator/Artist based in Nice, France. The drawing became a real passion for me and my dream is to create my own company of Video Games/ Animation Studio with my best friend.
I learn by myself and I have many dreams that I will like to realize

Host a Japanese Garden Party in #DIYTheParty with Samantha.

Japanese Garden Party is an actual party I plan to throw at my new house once we move in, I love the idea of sitting outside with nature having some fresh brewed tea and delicious desserts, while dressed in relaxing kimonos with cute decor!

Come behind the scenes at The Last Piece for a #CraftRoomTour and see Sarah's studio aka The Cubby Houst.

Its all my own. Having worked off the kitchen bench and out of a very small room in the house for 20 years, it's incredible to have this place that belongs to me.

Create a grunge inspired outfit in #DIYTheLook with Rachael.

I grew up during the punk, then grunge eras...it was the most fun of my life. I still love these styles. Nothing more that I adore than a ripped up, patched up pair of jeans, "ruined" flannel shirts, fingerless gloves and plaid pants. Big sweaters are so comfortable and kewl! All my favorite musicians from Patti Smith to Chris Cornell and Soundgarden, all of my life for for 40 years has been tied to these musical movements. I love PUNK and I love GRUNGE even more.

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