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Be inspired by London's Medieval Banquet in #CraftInTheCity and make a Medieval Goblet.


Address: Ivory House, St Katharine's & Wapping, London E1W 1BP
Phone: +44 020 7480 5353
Website: https://www.medievalbanquet.com/

Located in St Katherine's Docks, stepping through the doors of Medieval Banquet is like stepping back in time with suits of armour guarding the doors.

You then make your way down into an underground cellar with tables set up in arches and the King sitting pride of place in the middle of the room.

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Once seating, the wine and ale runs freely, while a talented troupe of acrobats, jugglers and contortionists kept you entertained.

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The first course was soup, served with no cutlery and a giant loaf of bread, so you can slurp it up the old fashioned way.

The guests are encouraged to bang their forks on the table in anticipation for food and shout "wench" to get the waitresses attention.

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The show continues throughout the courses with singing, processions and music performed.

Dinner was served with a song and an actor dressed as a pig, rotating in a table carried by a procession.

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While others tucked into a meaty feast, the vegetarians were provided with a delicious roast vegetable dish.

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A duel was declared just as dessert was being served so we enjoyed a spot of sword fighting while tucking into warm apple pie with ice cream.

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The evening concluded with a sing along at out tables before the entire audience were encourage to stand up and join in the dancing.

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