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Come on a #BoudoirTour of Katie Alves's loft bedroom and see where she creates her makeup tutorials!

I love the storage! I live in a very small house (under 250 square feet each floor) so storage is everything. It may be hard to tell but I don't even have all of my stuff all the way to the back. Plus I have room to add shelves whenever I need it.

Tell us a bit about your make-up space?

This is up in my loft/bedroom/makeup room/office. It's a very small space so to be able to have a full makeup station is amazing! Before I was using a slanted art table, which was a nightmare. For this we were able to use the leftovers from my tiny kitchen remodel downstairs to make this. The right side is all my regular beauty stuff that I use more often and the left is all my makeup that's more for Halloween. Also some lipsticks because the left side was a little bare. I have the rest of my makeup (a mix of regular and Halloween) in my case beside the desk as well.

What have you done to make your space cosy, beautiful or inspiring?

I LOVE Halloween, so adding spooky little touches really helps add some fun to my space. I've got a skeleton mirror, a Halloween plate with a little ghost sitting on it (it also says BOO in the center), a cauldron holding my brushes, and a spider web holder that has a few funkos (because I'm running out of room elsewhere).

What does your daily beauty routine involve?

I typically wash and moisturize my face downstairs, then come upstairs to actually do my face. I usually start with my eyes before foundation (fall out is my worst enemy) and then work on the face. It depends on whether I'm just going to work (doing lazy makeup) or doing makeup for fun. Could take me 10 minutes, could take me 2 hours!

How do you keep your makeup and tools organized?

I have sections for all my makeup. If I was to just throw it into one spot it would be a nightmare to find anything. The stuff I used the most I keep in the desk, but any left overs or refills I keep in my case until I'm ready to use them. I also have a thing with dividers on the right side to help section out my makeup so it doesn't overflow into other sections.

Any tips & tricks for organising makeup?

Try not to be a hoarder. I'm guilty of this but I've been slowly clearing out my collection to a more manageable amount.

Which favourite products or tools do you own?

My Sugarpill eyeshadow palette (you can add your own choice of colours) and my Lit Cosmetics glitter collection (behind my mirror). I have to restrain from wearing glitter everyday!

Where do you keep / how do you organise your inspiration and ideas?

For inspirational pictures, I used to keep a few on pinterest but lately I've just been saving them to my phone and then losing them. For ideas I either use my notes app on my phone or the stickies app on my computer. Then when I plan things out for Halloween videos, I create a posting schedule on my calendar.

Where do you look for inspiration when thinking up new looks?

Instagram and Youtube are great for inspiration!

If you had three wishes, what would you do to make your room the dream makeup space?

1)Bigger!! In the very far future, we're thinking of adding an addition to the house that'll essentially be my studio. So if I completely destroy the room when filming my Halloween videos, I can just close the door and go to bed. Instead of having to take everything down before going to bed. My backdrop usually is up against the bed so I always have to take things down completely. 2) One of those big Hollywood mirrors with all the lights around it. 3) An actual makeup chair instead of a computer chair! haha

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