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Come behind the scenes at Quarter Inch Mark and see Chase's patchwork studio in New York City.

It's filled with all the fabrics that I've collected over the years and some sweet gifts that I have received from all over the world. It's where I feel motivated and inspired.

Our Cooking Testers are trying out gourmet marshmallows from the London Marshmallow Company for this week's #KitchenTest and baking Marshmallow Slider Cupcakes, Sugar And Dairy Free Hot Chocolate, Marshmallow Popcorn and Hot Chocolate Cupcakes for you to recreate at home!

Come behind the scenes at Felted Button for a #KnittingNookTour and see Susan's headquarters in Sandy.

I find the colorful chaos of my space stimulates my inspiration, as long as it stays a bit organized! Often, all it takes is a little rummaging through yarn bins, lining up balls of yarn across the floor, and grabbing my hook to really get me busy creating. My least favorite part of my space is actually my computer--because the work I do there is my least favorite--pattern writing, tech editing and answering email. To help with this--I add lots of colorful bits and bobs around, like a crocheted mouse pad to make it feel less like drudgery and more like creative play.

Learn how-to preserve herbs in #TechniqueTuesday with Cat and then try some in her Lemon & Garlic Zebra Farfalle recipe.

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Learn how-to knit a Dropped Stitch Scarf in #ShopShowcase with Yarnatopia in Oklahoma City.

We head to Coventry to meet #FeaturedMember Julie from Sum of their Stories who loves retro stuff from the 80's!

How did you find CO+K and why did you join?

I was invited by a fellow craft blogger a number of years ago

What projects are you currently working on?

I have a couple of papercraft projects I'm working on and an 'on and off' crochet project. I'm always sewing too, mostly upcycled things for my Etsy shop.

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Crocheted Birds

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Our #BookOfTheWeek is Crocheted Birds by Vanessa Mooncie. We chat to Vanessa, give you a chance to win the book and learn how-to crochet a Barn Owl.

I am a crocheted accessories designer and maker. I also knit and sew, and am a printmaker. I have written a range of craft books published by the Guild of Master Craftsman Publications. These cover a variety of creative disciplines, suitable for the beginner through to the advanced maker. I also create projects for various craft magazines.

Recreate the look of Taylor Swift in #MakeoverMonday with Nicole from Makeup By Nicole and then create a warm glittery makeover.

What I love about Taylor's style is that it is classic and timeless. I love that she has her own signature look!

My name is Nathanna Érica and I'm an illustrator and paper artist based in São Paulo, Brazil. I can't imagine my life without art, and having graduated from Law school a few years ago made me see that doing anything else other than being an artist would be really difficult.

Recreate Ed Sheeran's bedroom in #DIYTheRoom with John from The Art Dream.

Lately Ed Sheehan has been blowing up the radio with his trendy, catchy tunes, and they’re all a great listen, how could you not be a fan?! i had this amazing singer/songwriter in mind when i put together the projects for this inspired room, I’d imagine Ed Sheehan having a home filled with rustic pieces and soft lighting. i pictured a modern but hip musical influence as well. I’d most certainly decorate my home with a bit of Ed Sheehan suave!

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