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Come on a #CraftRoomTour at City of Creative Dreams and see Shanice's office in Toronto, Canada.

My favourite thing about this space is how I designed the space to fit my lifestyle and needs.

Tell us about your space

My space is not too big and not too small. My office/craft room also is the bedroom that I share with my 6-year-old son. I have managed to put my office in one spot, son's bunk bed and my double bed into one organized room all without feeling swished. I had to get creative with my space since there is limited room. My crafts and supplies are in organized boxes in the closet shelf and tools are in my under the bed storage. I mostly use my tools to create crafts and built items. My son's loft bed provides him with storage for his toys and clothes while a divider gives me my privacy and space to sleep and relax.

What have you done to make your space cosy, beautiful or inspiring?

I have made sure that my space feels bright. My entire space is filled with whites, light blues, grey and little wood tones. I made sure to surround myself with my favourite colours which is light blue and have inspirational quotes and motivational sayings framed on my walls. Of course, having the space organized, having my essential oil diffuser is key for me to be cozy and feel refreshed.

How do you keep organized?

Organizing my space is my secret weapon. My space does not function without it. I declutter often. Whatever I do not need I get rid of and what I don't use often I try to use within the month or donate it. Everything has a place.

I use bins to keep my jewelry crafts together and kids crafts together. They have a shelf in my closet for quick and easy access. Inside the bins, there are separators and bins to keep like items together.

My tools are in a basket under my bed so that I can slide it and access it whenever I need. The most used ones are in the front and the leased used ones are in the basket behind it.

Any tips & tricks for organising supplies?

Using a storage tote with a removable organizer tray has been so helpful for me being in a limited space. I have three bins for my crafts and one small one for my essential oils. It is so easy to use, organize and store. You want to keep similar items together and categories your crafts and supplies. For example, my jewelry beads are in empty lip balm containers. It is a cute way to be able to flip the container upside down and see what I need.

I think acrylic or plastic clear containers are best so you can see what you need and how much you have so that you don't go buying more of what you already have. I always think label containers are important to stay clear of having to dig for items in multiple boxes or bins.

Which are your favourite possessions and are there any of your own creations on display?

My favourite possessions are my new desk, my diffuser and my tools. Each of those things are my go-to for when I need to create for my website or create something for my home. When I look around my space, I can say that my own creations are displayed, I see my customized closet I created for my son, a bedroom divider I created for our space and tv stand I made. I like to think, anything I built from instructions then hacked it and made it my own is worth displaying.

How do you organise your inspiration and ideas?

For my smaller project ideas they go into my craft bins and my larger project ideas supplies go on my balcony until I am ready. I organize my ideas and inspiration on my cell phone in the notes section or on my One Note app where I created an editorial calendar to organize content for my site. It is just easier for me than having to find paper since ideas come to me constantly and when I least expect it this way I can access it whenever I need it.

Where do you look for inspiration?

For me, I personally get inspiration from Pinterest or blogs or Instagram. Sometimes inspiration will come to me when I see an item and have a desire to make it into something else such as going to the IKEA as-is section. However, most of my inspiration will come randomly or from thinking about a solution to an in-home problem.

If you had three wishes, what would you do to make it the dream space?

The first wish would be to have this room solely for my office studio because I would want to add in a photography area with lighting. The second wish would be to transform my closet into the ultimate tools and craft supplies with a pegboard to display my tools and maybe move my desk into there to free up more space. The third wish would be to have a seating area by the window so that I could sit there to come up with new ideas and take time a mental break to meditate.

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