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Come behind the scenes at TTE Designs for a #CraftRoomTour and see Tammie's garage studio in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

It feels like part of the house, but since it's the garage I can get messy and leave the mess right there till I can work again.

Tell us about your space

It's in one bay of our air conditioned garage, just off the laundry room. Since we live in Florida we had to install a/c for the summer, but for the other times of the year I can open the doors and enjoy all the natural light. I like that when I come home from a show I can unload everything right into the studio and everything is all together.

What have you done to make your space cosy, beautiful or inspiring?

It's painted in a light neutral kaki. I have added my own art work, ribbons I have won, religious icons, cork boards with handy information and my collection of vintage tins that are too pretty to actually cut for my work.

How do you keep organized?

I'm not a super organized person, but I recently did a huge reconfiguration and purge. It feels so much more spacious and part of my new year resolution is to keep it that way!

Any tips & tricks for organising supplies?

I organize by my supplies by color and type and try to keep my most used tools at the top of my cart.

Which are your favourite possessions and are there any of your own creations on display?

I love my collection of vintage tins. They are so bright, happy and cheerful. I love recycling, but some are too unique to repurpose and deserve to have a place of honor.

How do you organise your inspiration and ideas?

I use the cork boards on my walls to hold important info, sketches and inspirational bits and pieces.

Where do you look for inspiration?

I let the piece about to be cut do the talking. I usually get a vibe on how they might look best and most of the time it works.

If you had three wishes, what would you do to make it the dream space?

I would add sky lights & windows to have more natural light, I would also love to have even more shelving for storage. I guess number 3 would be my own little 'she shed' apart from the house.

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