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Create an awesome Y2K Goth Girl inspired outfit in #DIYTheLook with Isabel from I Fly A Starship.

I've been super into Y2K goth girl vibes recently! I love how over the top looks were in the early 2000s, and goth/punk Hot Topic vibes have a special place in my heart!

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Bake a German Chocolate Cake, Classic Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Crèmeux Pot De Crème in #ABiteToEat with Bakery Nouveau in Burien, Washington.

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SEW ... The Garment-Making Book of Knowledge

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We chat to Barbara Emodi, give you a chance to win the book and learn how-to sew a Flat-Felled Seam.

I am a Halifax Nova Scotia (that's in Canada) sewing teacher and writer. I have taught sewing extensively in Canada, the US and Australia am a past contributing editor for Threads magazine and have written for many other sewing publications. That's my official background but really I am just a person who was born into a strong sewing culture and has sewn most days for the last 50 years. Sewing occupies my mind constantly and I am always trying to figure out a better and easier way to do the kind of day-to-day sewing folks do in their normal lives.

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We head to Indianapolis to meet #FeaturedMember KatieLikeMe, an avid DIYer and craft enthusiast!

How did you find CO+K and why did you join?

I was looking to upcycle some old men's clothes my uncle donated to me, and I came across tutorials for making vests of out t-shirts and the rest was history!

What projects are you currently working on?

My wedding! I'm the sole planner of it, and I think it's my biggest project of all time!

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Knit a November Sweater in #ShopShowcase with Tøndering Strik in Aarhus, Denmark.

Southend-on-Sea, UK • Visit Website »

Come behind the scenes at The Gluten Free Greek for a #KitchenTour and see Christiana's kitchen in Essex, England.

I love the window looking out to our garden. It makes me feel relaxed.

Hermosa Beach, CA, USA • Visit Website »

Come behind the scenes at Sunset Cat Designs for a #KnittingNookTour and see Stephannie's work area in California.

We have a really small house, a 1920s Spanish Revival bungalow, but I love how cosy it is, and how the architectural details were maintained. My desk is in the nook off the dining room, and gets a ton of natural light. I can watch the crows play in our fig tree while I work.

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Mix The Baudin and Lexington cocktails in #ABiteToEat with Twelve Mile Limit in New Orleans.

Come behind the scenes at Studio Katie for a #CraftRoomTour and see Katie's craft space.

The windows above my desk! They let in so much light, which is great for working by and taking photos.

Learn how-to cook a Shiitake Bacon as a vegetarian alternative in #TechniqueTuesday and then sprinkle them over a bowl of Miso Mac N Cheese.

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