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Come behind the scenes at The Beading Gem for a #CraftRoomTour and see Pearl's studios in Ontario, Canada.

This is the first time I have a dedicated studio for jewelry making and crafts. All my favorite and heavily used tools and supplies are in one place and within easy reach - chairs with wheels also help. I have more than one work areas - my main work desk as well as a nearby photography set up for taking pictures of my work and step by step tutorials.

Pack a MiniMoon Essentials suitcase in #DIYTheLook with Callie.

A MiniMoon Essentials list … literally a list of slightly quirky, bohemian essentials to take on our minimoon - which is essentially laying by the pool, sleeping and not-doing-very-much :) Of course, in the evenings we’ll potter into town to have dinner … and as my fiancé is lucky to have bagged me, I thought a WonderWoman modpodge clutch would be my perfect evening bag! The velvet shoes with ribbons are perfect for romantic dinners, too, ‘tho I’d need to find a pair of red velvet shoes to go with my WonderWoman bag.

London, UK, SE11 4JQ • Visit Website »
Kennington: Charlie Chaplin Bowler Hat Cakes

We've started a new video series where we're Cooking Around The London Underground.

In the first episode, we're exploring Kennington and, inspired by former resident Charlie Chaplin and the Cinema Museum, showing you how to bake Charlie Chaplin Bowler Hat Cakes and mix up a Charlie Chaplin cocktail!

Which London Underground Station would you like us to visit next? Make sure to Like & Subscribe on YouTube for more videos!

Create a belly dancing outfit in #DIYTheLook with Louise.

Some projects put together for belly dancing. Not necessarily a look for the 'high street', unless you're brave (and don't feel the cold here in the UK!) but some costumes are super expensive, so great to have some ideas to put the costume together :)

Create a bright yellow floral outfit for Spring in #DIYTheLook with Lucy.

I chose the yellow dress as i think its a great all-rounder. Could be teamed with heels and a cardigan or flats and a denim jacket. I chose the ice cream shoes because lets face it... who wouldnt! :)

Come behind the scenes at Small World Land for a #CraftRoomTour and see Corinne's corner studio in her living room in Chicago.

My space is tiny and limited, but I am so grateful to have carved out a little corner in my home so I can work and make things. After attempting to create in my dark basement, I am grateful for the sunlight and life around me working upstairs!

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Sew Cute Creatures

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We chat to Mariska Vos-Bolman, give you a chance to win the book and learn how-to sew a Miranda Mermaid.

I'm a dutch woman that has been making soft toys for 11 years. 10 years ago I started my own company called DIY Fluffies. With DIY Fluffies I sell soft toy sewing patterns and Amigurumi crochet patterns. I'm also a mom of two boys of 7 and 9 years. That is probably why I have a lot of patterns that are very suitable for boys as well. My boys and animals are a big inspiration for me. We are a very creative family, my boys enjoy crafting to and my husband is a very talented artist.
Dillwyn, Virginia, USA • Visit Website »

Dillwyn, Virginia, USA • Visit Website »

Learn how-to cook a keto tuna salad in #AroundTheWorldIn80Dishes with Carolynn in Virginia.

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Paper Parties

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We chat to Erin, give you a chance to win the book and learn how-to make Flower Power Party Poppers!

I'm Erin Hung, designer, maker and founder of stationery and lifestyle brand BerinMade. I'm also author to Paper Parties- a book containing 50 beautiful projects for every celebration. I believe that life is worth celebrating with our loved ones, and each party is made more special with personal, colourful touches.
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