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We're being inspired by the Supriya Lele presentation and the Pierre Garroudi catwalk show on the fourth day of London Fashion Week.

Supriya Lele

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A sunset inspired pallet of oranges, pinks and yellows set the tone for the Supriya Lele SS19 Presentation at London Fashion Week.

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Winner of a NEWGEN sponsorship, this was Supriya Lele's first presentation, combining her Indian heritage with her British cultural identity for a collection that’s practical, wearable and elegant.

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Key pieces included macrame bikini tops, rushed mini skirts which can be worn layered on on their own, and a trench coat paired with a gorgeous sari style scarf that flowed across the ground.

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Pierre Garroudi

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Playful, bold and fun, the Pierre Garroudi's SS19 catwalk show at the Strand Palace Hotel was like nothing else at fashion week.

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Heavily accessorised models showcased the bags dressed in vibrant and quirky combinations, including shirts as skirts, tangled knits, ruffled taffeta and expertly draped netting.

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The bags were equally as eclectic, from colorful oversize carry-alls and metallic gold & silver duffle bags to faux fur animal print totes, understated leather handbags and one very shiny three-tiered cake box clutch.

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With so much to take in, it’s tricky to pick out just a few stand out looks, but the most memorable included a lampshade hat, bamboo mat dress paired with sushi platter necklace, a model wearing a knitting project on her head pinned in place with knitting needles and a risqué mesh bodysuit made slightly less revealing by a strategically placed doll.

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