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Come behind the scenes at A Taste of Koko for a #KitchenTour and see Jane's kitchen in Austin, Texas.

(Photography by Inked Fingers Photography)

I love how much light comes into the kitchen and I'm in love with my KitchenAid appliances! The KitchenAid black stainless French door refrigerator always gets so many compliments when guests come over - it packs so much food and the multiple compartments keep everything organized. I also love my double oven KitchenAid range. Even the mini KitchenAid artisan mixer gets plenty of compliments!

Tell us about your kitchen?

My kitchen is relatively small with a square footage around 100 sq ft with black stainless appliances, dark cabinets and a white backsplash. My downstairs is only 300 sq ft and that includes my kitchen, dining room, and living room.

What have you done to make your kitchen cosy, functional, beautiful or inspiring?

Added a white backsplash, painted the walls white, and added green plants.

How do you keep organized while cooking?

I like to clean as I'm cooking. After prep work and when food is either cooking on the stove or baking in the oven, I'm already cleaning up everything in the kitchen.

Any tips & tricks for organising your pantry, fridge and ingredients?

IKEA's SINNERLIG jars are not only beautiful but also great for organizing pantry items. My pantry is really small so adding an over the door organizer created extra space.

Do you do a lot of cooking and what are your favourite dishes to make?

As a food blogger in Austin, my week consists of multiple restaurant tastings throughout the week. A toasted bagel with cream cheese or avocado toast is the only cooking I do at home. My favorite comfort food is spaghetti - just wish I had more time to make it at home!

Where do you turn for new recipe ideas?

Local restaurants, Instagram, Pinterest, and I've been obsessed with Hot For Food's YouTube channel.

Do you plan out your recipes for the week or do you like to be spontaneous?

I'd say spontaneous since I eat out all the time so when I am hungry at home, I have to make a quick run to the grocery store to pick up whatever I'm craving.

If you had three wishes, what would you do to make this your dream kitchen?

Marble or white countertops, white cabinets, and a bigger pantry!

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