Create a fun and festive house-warming party in #DIYTheParty with Sheila.

I decided to choose a theme of a house-warming party because I'm moving house in the next few weeks. I chose the wine crate stool to make extra seating for my guests; the fabric nesting buckets are to put my plants and my balls of yarn into (I'm a bit of a yarn addict and these buckets look nicer than plastic carrier bags!!!); I'd like to try the abstract wood rug beside my new back door; the haggis oatcakes were a no-brainer because I live in Scotland and love haggis and oatcakes!; the teriyaki chicken is because you can get sick of only eating haggis!; and the nachos and beans are for the same reason - they all look like great snacks to give to guests; the wine and the punch need no explanation and the eco coasters are to stand the wine glasses on to protect my furniture. With bunting hung to decorate the place - all in all it adds up to a great party.

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