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Bake Bullseyes Biscuits, Chocolate Chunk Cookies and Jelly Roll in #ABiteToEat with Oddfellows Cafe + Bar in Seattle.

How did you get started?

I go started as a dishwashe in art school. Most of my friends worked in restaurants and they all seemed to be having a blast. So I went to work at a big hotel washing dishes and watching the line cooks closely. Eventually I started doing prep work, then working on the line working my way up to sauté.

A couple of years working on the line burnt me out! Always being fond of baked goods, and loving the fast paced enviorment of a Resturant I made efforts to switch to being a baker. I went to culinary school, worked in kitchens the entire time and eventually found myself leading the team at Oddfellows.

Where are you located?

We're located right on the Pike and Pine corridor in the heart of Seattle Capitol Hill neighborhood on 10th.

What are your specialities?

We specialize in morning pastries. Our morning spread includes everything from cookies to jelly rolls. Our scones are incredible, as our quiches.

What's your personal favorite thing on the menu?

My favorite thing right now isn't our jelly roll. It's made with pan aü lait, filled with a quince jelly and topped with a cremé fresh icing. It's absolutely to die for!

What's on the stereo?

A lot of Sly and The Family Stone. They've been of great assistance powering through tired morning bake offs. Other go-to's include The Talking Heads, and The Clash.

Where else should we visit in your area?

I always like to check out Crumble & Flake, their lamaned pasteries are great. General Porpus for doughnuts, and Molly Moon's for ice cream!

Do you host any special events?

We haven't hosted any special events. We do themed stuff on occasion. Every June we do "Pride Bars" to celebrate the month of Pride. We'll serve special pasteries in conjunction with the bookstore we share a space with when authors come through.

Is there anything else you'd like us to know?

Do you have a favorite cafe, restaurant or bar in your town that we should feature? Send us a message!




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