Recreate the look of Morticia and Wednesday from the Addams Family in #DIYTheLook with Jennie.

As the weather turns cooler, and the leaves begin to die, I’ve been in the mood to rewatch my favorite Halloween movies. My all time favorite being the Addams Family. I’ve always adored the macabre fun of the Addams clan, especially the ladies of the family. Morticia, the matriarch femme-fatale, able to seduce her husband with just a few French words falling from her ruby painted lips. ‘Oui, mon cher!’ And her daughter Wednesday; disturbingly well-read, brilliant, enthusiastic, and creepy all at the same time, in her classic black dress with the pristine white collar and long braids. So perhaps this Halloween you can take your inspiration from one of the Addams ladies. After all, aren’t we each searching for someone in this world to love us as devotedly as Gomez loves his Morticia?

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