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St Joseph, MO, United States •

The city has a lot of history, basically having been settled since the Oregon trail. There are so many beautiful old buildings and French-named streets, which remind me of my hometown of Saint Louis but with a little bit of a dirty rough'n'tumble attitude. Still miss some of the more colourful points of Saint Louis but since there is a low cost-of-living you can get some amazing things for incredibly cheap.

Maladignia creates her dream Victorian steampunk inspired wedding for #DIYTheParty

A roleplay character of mine has been proposed to, so now we will need to plan and prepare a wedding. The setting we play in is Victorian/Steampunk setting so decorations, food and costumes need to be according to that 'theme'. My Muse is having a field day with all these lovely tutorials!

Emma recreates the costume of Dr Jillian Holtzmann from Ghostbusters for #DIYTheLook

I love Dr Jillian Holtzmann's style because she doesn't obey any rules; mixing materials, colours and styles. She doesn't care if she is wearing odd socks or has paint all over her overalls. Her look can go from grungy engineer to quirky Victorian mad scientist. I love her use of silk scarves tied as ties and her cool round sunglasses. Her look is fashionable but also utility; perfect for busting those ghost!

New York, NY, United States • Visit Website »

Bake a New York style cheesecake in #AroundTheWorldIn80Dishes with Maggie in Brooklyn.

Learn how-to create calligraphy using watercolor in #TechniqueTuesday with Drishti from Life-athon and then try her Thank You Card tutorial.

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Knitted Birds

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We chat to Nicky, give you a chance to win the book and learn how-to knit a raven.

I'm a hand-knitter and designer working in Worthing, on the beautiful Sussex coast, in England. I love knitting birds, dolls and animals!

Valencia is a very nice and comfortable city to live: big enough to have a wide cultural and services offer, but not too much to be oppressive and make you spend hours to get around. In addition, the weather allows to enjoy walking or riding almost the whole year.

Seattle, WA, United States • Visit Website »

Come behind the scenes at Gold Standard Workshop for a #CraftRoomTour and see Kristie's craft room in Seattle.

It's light and bright! I've been careful about choosing things I absolutely love to display on my desk and craft wall. I'm always happiest sitting at my desk!

Susan creates a gorgeous pretty in pink outfit for today's #DIYTheLook

I loved this film as a teenager and it's the one that got me into altering and adapting clothes and making jewellery. I loved the individuality and re-purposing of things to create new looks from things at hand. It's all about the prom, re-styling clothes and of course the accessories!

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Crochet Therapy

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We chat to Betsan, give you a chance to win the book and learn how-to crochet a wave wrap, friendship quilt and Blue Sky Blanket.

I'm Betsan Corkhill and I'm a Wellbeing Coach based in Bath, UK. My background is in physiotherapy. I began researching the meditative, creative and social benefits of knitting in 2005. My first book 'Knit for Health and Wellness. How to knit a flexible mind and more' pulls together all my work so far. Over the last 10 years I have developed Therapeutic Knitting as a tool to improve wellbeing. Therapeutic Knitting is the combination of knowledge and knitting. Knowledge about how to enhance the therapeutic benefits of knitting plus knowledge of wellbeing or any health condition to enable you to use Therapeutic Knitting as a tool to improve wellbeing. Therapeutic Knitting can help anyone to deliberately improve their wellbeing or taken a step further to manage the symptoms of medical conditions. In the process of this work I have also looked at crochet.
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