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Outfit Details

  • Denim Jacket - Folded and Hung
  • T-Shirt - Uniqlo
  • Pants - Custom Made
  • Desert Boots - Bristol
  • Pouch - Pedro with DIY Monogram
  • Sunglasses - Sunnies Studios

DIY Detachable Monogram Clutch

Recreate the look with Jegs detachable monogram tutorial:

Check out Detachable Monogram on Cut Out + Keep

We're getting creative with toffee, pineapple and coconut vodkas from 55 Above for today's #CocktailHour and mixing a range of dessert inspired cocktails and recipes.

185 Canterbury Road, Canterbury Vic 3126 Australia • Visit Website »

Knit a face washer, mesh scarf and textured summer cushion in #ShopShowcase with Sunspun Yarns

Join us for a #CraftRoomTour of Sonya's craft room in California.

I love the light and all the windows, the white floors, and the big tree in the yard. The house was built in 1915, this room was added on a little later to make the house bigger. It's the loveliest room in the house.

CountessAudronasha creates an edgy rockabilly look for today's #DIYTheLook

I always found Rockabilly style attractive and fun. It's so feminine jett edgy at the same type, sweet but a little bit spooky too. Like you can take ordinary pin up style and spice it up with little details like sparkling pumps, ripped shirt and some colorful accessories. Bats, spiders and skulls is a must. But the most important thing is self confidence. Add it on top and you'll rock this style for sure!

Learn how-to sew a mock French seam in #TechniqueTuesday with Stacy from Stacy Sews and then make her Corset Patchwork Skirt.

4198 Manchester Ave, St. Louis, MO 63110, United States • Visit Website »

Cook a rice pudding and mix a Burry Me In Smoke cocktail in #ABiteToEat with Sanctuaria Wild Tapas in St Louis.

Ocala, FL, United States •

Cook a chicken casserole in #AroundTheWorldIn80Dishes with Katrina in Ocala, Florida.

Recreate the makeup of Zendaya in #MakeoverMonday with Jasmine from Color U Bold and then create a

She loves to mix up her look and she's not afraid to do the unexpected.

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We head to Vancouver to meet Nikki aka LastKoalaBear who loves being Canadian, sewing and painting on shirts.

How did you find CO+K and why did you join?

Teen angst

What projects are you currently working on?

I have been doing a lot of collage projects lately. My most recent collage was created in Photoshop as a repeat pattern that I had printed onto fabric from www.spoonflower.com. I then sewed it into a shirt. It was super fun!

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