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I Modify IKEA

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We chat to Elyse, give you a chance to win the book and learn how-to make a reading bench, rocking chair and a rolling bar cart.

Hello! You may know me as Crafty Superstar #47! My name is Elyse and I'm a craft/DIY author, home decor magazine writer, and tinkerer. I like to think of my projects as dressed-up children's crafts -- easy enough to enjoy the process of making -- using uncomplicated tools but with special embellishments. I live in the lovely state of Rhode Island on the East Coast of the U.S. with my husband and our two boys.
Voorhees, NJ, United States • Visit Website »

Come behind the scenes at Dizzy Busy and Hungry for a #KitchenTour and see Kristin's kitchen in Voorhees, NJ.

We had a bay window installed a few years ago and it is my absolute favorite part of my kitchen. It lets in so much light, and it looks out over our gorgeous, woodsy backyard so I can easily enjoy watching our many wildlife visitors, such as deer, turkey, and sometimes even foxes!

Swansea, United Kingdom •

Swansea is a real up and coming place that has seen massive change and development over the past few years, transforming it into an amazing diverse university city by the seaside. It combines the right mix of work and play for all that live here.

Our Sidekicks are getting arty with PanPastels for today's #CraftTest and showing you how-to create a range of artwork at home. Want to win some PanPastels to try for yourself? Click below to enter:

We're experimenting with The King's Ginger Liqueur in this week's #CocktailHour and making a Fig & Ginger Flip, King Royale and Date & Ginger Cake for you to try at home.

Gartmornhill Farm, Alloa, United Kingdom FK10 3AU • Visit Website »

Learn how-to cut a crocheted steek in #ShopShowcase with Wee County Yarns in Alloa, Scotland.

Come behind the scenes at Just Make Stuff for a #CraftRoomTour and see Nora's craft room and office in Orange County, California.

I have a lot of favorite things, but I think how open it is to the rest of my house is at the top of the list. This room is almost like a loft. It has double doors (although we took them off) and this kind of peculiar “window” that overlooks our living room downstairs.

Longman Dr, Inverness, United Kingdom IV1 1SU • Visit Website »

We're on the lookout for dolphins with Dolphin Spirit in Inverness for today's #CraftInTheCity and showing you how-to make seashell candles inspired by our cruise.


Address: Longman Dr, Inverness, United Kingdom IV1 1SU
Phone: 07544 800620
Website: https://dolphinspirit.co.uk

Recreate the look of Grimes in #DIYTheLook with Leanashe23.

I have included a mix of clothes, makeup and jewellery... I have also included a DIY sketchbook - because Grimes does all her own album artwork - so I think she would always carry a sketchbook around with her!

200 W Center St, Fayetteville, AR, United States • Visit Website »

Cook French toast and pistachio salep in #ABiteToEat with Arsaga's in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

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