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Cross-Stitch to Calm

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We chat to Leah, give you a chance to win the book and learn how-to cross-stitch a fossil and a bird on a branch.

Hello, my name is Leah and I'm the author of 'Cross Stitch to Calm'. I'm a mother of 5 children, 2 of whom are autistic. I use cross stitching as a way of relaxing and escapism. (in my head I'm under a palm tree, on a beach, stitching away!)

Our Sidekicks are getting creative with fabric from Premier Prints Inc for today's #CraftTest and sewing pillows, cushions, seat covers and a cat carrier that you can recreate at home.

Noah is a freelance illustrator living in Portland OR. In addition to contributing to numerous publications all over the country, he is currently storyboarding for an upcoming cartoon show being produced for Comedy Central.

Come behind the scenes at Tartes and Recreation for a #KitchenTour and see Sonja's kitchen in Munich, Germany.

I'm very happy that it fits a table big enough for a few people. For me, a kitchen needs to be more than a place where just the food is cooked. It's the heart of the apartment. It's where you sit and talk, and drink and play board games and of course eat when you have guests.

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel •

The best thing about living in Tel Aviv is that you are always in the middle of the action. Any time you go out on the street there is something interesting going on. In the mornings the cafes are packed, the stores are bustling and the atmosphere is amazing. In the evenings the bars are full, there is music in all the main streets and whether you fancy a quiet bar and beer or an all-night party, you have your pick of it all.

Elizabeth dreams of picnicking with Nessie at Loch Ness for this week's #DIYTheParty

I live about 40 miles from Loch Ness, but oddly, I have yet to have a picnic there! I need to remedy that, so I have put together a little picnic party, complete with tasty treats, a warm blanket, an umbrella for rain or shine and, of course, a Nessie for company. And wouldn't it be nice to stay at the loch into the night to hopefully catch some Northern Lights?

337 West Hastings St., Vancouver, Canada •

Sew a quilt for your pet in #ShopShowcase with Dressew Supply in Vancouver, Canada.

We've got our hands on a Selfie Toaster from Burnt Impressions for this week's #CraftTest and have been toasting up recipes featuring the face of Crafterella and Jesus for you to try at home. Tuck into a Grilled Briesus, Superhero Pop Tarts, Holy Guacamole Pancakes and a Mac N Cheese Grilled Cheese.

Want to burn your own face onto a slice of toast? Click below for your chance of winning a Selfie Toaster from Burnt Impressions.

Los Angeles, CA, United States • Visit Website »

Come for a #CraftRoomTour around Candice Ayala's sewing corner in Los Angeles.

My most favorite thing about my sewing space would have to be my “Happy Shelf”. It’s a little shelf right in from of my sewing table where I put all my little trinkets and memorabilia of things that make me happy.

Heidi from Hello Speckless recreates the look of Amelie for #DIYTheLook

Amelie -- the dreamer, the do-gooder, the imagination run wild. Here are a handful of tutorials to get Amelie's look: very simple, a little vintage, clean lines cut with a bit of feminine . . . a notebook to record adventures in and a gnome to share them with!

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