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Learn how-to cook Slovenia dried pear dumplings in #AroundTheWorldIn80Dishes with TesaJanuska Slovenj Gradec.

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My Handmade Wedding

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We chat to Marrianne, give you a chance to win the book and learn how-to make paper pompoms.

I am the author of My Handmade Wedding. I currently work as a Graphic Designer and have a keen interest in crafts such as knitting and paper craft. I hand crafted several items for my wedding in 2013 and was approached by Search Press to write a book about all the items I created for the big day. I wanted to bring to life a simple and personal day that was like a 1950's Summer fete.

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We head to Bologna in Italy to meet PinKween who loves to decoupage and collage!

How did you find CO+K and why did you join?

I remember it like it was yesterday :) It's the ever first creative community I found on the internet, back in 2009 and the first project was the plastic beads that I fell in love with!

What projects are you currently working on?

I just finished a Galaxy paint technique on an old drawer

I have more furniture coming in.. table, chairs and some old cabinets too - for those I will use some old italian comics books

New York, NY, USA • Visit Website »

We loved Sarah's book Craft-A-Day so much that we couldn't wait to take a tour of her office / apartment / writing space in Hells Kitchen, Manhattan.

I think my favorite part of my apartment is the daylight. There are windows that face south and east so there is always sunlight streaming in

Our Sidekicks have been designing their own custom labels with The Dutch Label Shop in this week's #CraftTest and have created a range of tutorials for you to recreate at home!

Want to design some labels for yourself? CO+K members can get a 15% discount (valid until May 31st) with the code "cutout".

My objective in all of my work is to bridge the gap between designer and consumer.
Whether illustrating or designing, writing or presenting tutorials and courses on design programs, or connecting with consumers, designers, and fans via social media, I seek to share my work and experience through various creative media.

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Come behind the scenes at Ambs Loves Food for a #KitchenTour and see Amber's adorable kitchen in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

My favorite thing about my kitchen is all the open shelving. I have a few open shelves in the kitchen and in the open space between the kitchen and dining room. I love the look of open shelves and seeing things that were either gifts, china passed down from my Grandmas, or things I've bought for myself over the years.

Outfit Details

To be honest, all of my outfit is thrifted from goodwill. Even my scarf! I love to buy second hand as it saves me money and lets me treasure hunt to boot!

DIY Tie Dyed Scarf

Recreate the look with Carolynn's Tie Dyed Scarf tutorial:

Check out Tie Dyed Scarf on Cut Out + Keep

Rachel creates her ideal beach party for today's #DIYTheParty

I live on an Island surrounded by beautiful beaches. What better way to celebrate the seaside than with a beach party?! We've spent many happy evenings down on the beach with a group of friends (and a disposable barbecue - nothing beats cooking and eating outdoors!) soaking up the last of the day's sun and the sound of the sea. I love collecting shells and seaglass when I'm on the beach, so I've chosen some projects using those materials to bring a sense of the seaside into the home, and hair and make-up tutorials that will put you in the beach party mood!

4610 N. High St, Columbus, OH, United States • Visit Website »

Sew a skirt in #ShopShowcase with Sew To Speak in Columbus, Ohio

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