Xyron ezLaminator

Our Sidekicks are testing out the ezLaminator from Xyron for today's #CraftTest and teaching you how-to make a perpetual calendar, paper doll and pressed flower bookmark.

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Paint Sample Perpetual Magnetic Calendar by Stef

The Xyron ezLaminator is easy to use. It makes applying a magnetic backing with a laminated top all on one step a breeze! Fridges are a great surface to decorate and display art on and having the ability to turn art into a protected magnet will surely be a great addition to my craft abilities.

Durable Paper Doll Play Set by Emily

The Xyron Ezlaminator is a fun addition to the craftroom! It is a cold laminator so there is no waiting for it to heat up before use It also allows for you to cut right up to the edge of the laminated item and even into the item without the laminate coming off! It is super compact so it can be stored with ease or you could leave it out where it can be ready to use at a moments notice without taking up much desk space. The refills are simple to pop out and there is no fuss putting the replacement in and no need to deal with thermal pockets. You can laminate up to 8 1/2 inches wide and an 1/8th inch thick making this incredibly versatile for all sorts of crafty projects.

Pressed Flower Laminated Bookmarks by Kristi

I love the laminator! It is so easy to use, requires zero setup and I especially love that it doesn't use any heat or need a plug! I could put my project directly onto the tray, turn the handle and that's it, all done! The ezLaminator makes it so easy for quick projects without any hassle!

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