Come behind the scenes at Posh Patterns for a #CraftRoomTour and see Tammy's office in Wisconsin.

My favorite thing about my workspace is that it is private, yet still part of our home. I'm able to go there to work, and be able to get stuff done, but I'm still close to my family.

Tell us about your space

My work space is about 12 ft by 10 ft, and it is only used as my work space. The things that I find myself doing there most are planning out my next designs, and working on the technical writing for my designs.

What have you done to make your space cosy, beautiful or inspiring?

I've been able to make my work space very cozy and fun to work in by making it feel more like a living space. I have a pretty antique cabinet where I keep a lot of my yarn, and a desk to work at. The curtains and light lavender wall color give it a relaxing feel too.

How do you keep organized?

Most of my supplies for work consist of yarn, so keeping it organized is important. My antique cabinet helps quite a bit, along with a wall of "cubbies" that are just the right size for holding yarn.

Any tips & tricks for organising supplies?

My best tips, for organizing supplies, would be to try to have useful things for that purpose. For me, it's my yarn storage that really helps to keep it organized. Another tips would be to try not to let a small "mess" get out of hand. If you see an unorganized situation beginning, stop and take a little time to straighten it out right away. It's easier when it's a smaller mess. :-)

Which are your favourite possessions and are there any of your own creations on display?

In regards to my work space, my favorite possessions would have to be my yarn. The only things that are ever on display (beside my yarn) are any finished designs that might be ready to go to my photographer, or to be photographed in my office.

How do you organise your inspiration and ideas?

My inspiration comes from many different places, but I find myself keeping most of my ideas in notebooks. When I see something that I like, or have an idea/inspiration, I will either write it down as a description, or sketch it out. I almost always have a notebook, and a pen or pencil, near me or in my bag.

Where do you look for inspiration?

I look for inspiration just about anywhere. Since my designs are mostly fashion accessories and baby items, I tend to pay attention to any trending themes. That can happen just about anywhere, including in magazines, in stores, or just out on the street where people are wearing these types of things.

If you had three wishes, what would you do to make it the dream space?

1. If a budget was not an issue, I would decorate it exactly how I would want it.

2. If it could be just a tiny bit larger, that would be nice.

3. More yarn!

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