Ashlee from My So Called Crafty Life recreates the home of Miss Marple for today's #DIYTheRoom

One of my absolute favorite fictional characters is Agatha Christie's Miss Marple, the spinster detective. I chose this collection of projects based on what I imagine her home to look like. She was from that generation where they were very fluent in needlecrafts. I imagine beautiful floral fabrics and knits around her little cottage like plush knitted rugs and blankets, lace lampshades, beautiful tea cups and china, and beautiful patchwork floral pillows. I think this ensemble of crafts would fit her perfectly!

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Mistress Nora of Madness
Mistress Nora of Madness · Potterville, Michigan, US · 33 projects
This is also how I see Miss Marples home. You did great gathering the look.
She is such a wonderfully described character.
Keep Crafting.
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