Takara Dori recreates the look of Cara Delevigne for #MakeoverMonday and gives her a cat eye makeover!

I love everything about her, from the signature eyebrows to the her biker girl grunge. Cara is basically my woman crush, she has such a natural beauty but can also rock any style in all her shoots. But I can't help but be drawn to her inner biker girl style the most though since that is my kinda style too

Classic Look

The particular Cara makeup look is very natural. She hardly ever wears thick eyeliner and instead wears natural smokey eyes and natural mascara lashes (I however am not blessed with long lashes so I wear fake natural looking eyelashes instead). Stick to brown and copper tones with nude lips.


I gave Cara this re-vamp makeover since I personally love eyeliner and never go without a nice thick eyeliner wing. Its was nice to see something a bit different on Cara and her young self certainly owned the eyeliner and bright pop lip colour so I bought it back :)

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