Recreate the makeup of Twiggy in #MakeoverMonday with Chloe from A Brush With Colour.

I love Twiggy's look - her pixie hair cut, shift dresses and the graphic lines. The mod eye makeup is so graphic yet also kinda messy. I like that combo.

Classic Look

The mod eye makeup looks simple and is fairly simple to do - it just takes a bit of time to map out the lines and getting them even! The key elements to Twiggy's look is bold liner, drawn on bottom lashes, fresh skin with freckles showing through and a peach/nude lipstick.


For Twiggy's makeover I decided to brighten up the look whilst still keeping those graphic lines. I used a lilac purple rather than white on my eyes and instead of Twiggy's signature peach lips and bronze cheeks I used a pink lipstick and blush.

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